build your blog monitor

Build up your Blog Monitor with Google sheet

This tutorial is a step-by-step explanation of how to build up a blog monitor. We will use the Google Sheet to get the website status and Google Looker Studio to display the blog status. In the end, you will build up the dashboard as below. 1. Copy the google sheet First, copy this google sheet here. Next, you need to modify the column A and column […]

Looker Studio 從入門到進階

Looker Studio 入門到進階 和模板分享

(Google Data Studio 於 2022/10/12 更名為 Google Looker Studio) Looker Studio 必須知道的四個概念 不要被框架限制了想像 善用社群視覺呈現 (Community Visualizations) 新增欄位 + 新增參數 = Infinity! 當 GTM 遇到 Data Studio 正規表達式 Regular Expression 使用範例和情境 什麼是正規表達式 Regular Expression? 正規表達式 – 常見符號 實際案例 *3 實作範例 *3 常用語法 CASE Statement 教學 什麼是 CASE Statement 教學 – 簡單的 CASE 範例 教學 – CASE 搭配正規表達式 Looker […]