Build up your Blog Monitor with Google sheet

build your blog monitor

This tutorial is a step-by-step explanation of how to build up a blog monitor. We will use the Google Sheet to get the website status and Google Looker Studio to display the blog status. In the end, you will build up the dashboard as below.

1. Copy the google sheet

First, copy this google sheet here. Next, you need to modify the column A and column B in “config” sheet:

  • column A (website): you can change to any name here.
  • column B (url): adjust the URL to your blog, Plz note that remove the “https://”.
  • column C (title): no action here, the script will update this raw.
  • column D (status): no action here, the script will update this raw.
  • column E (datetime): no action here, the script will update this raw.

If you want to monitor many websites simultaneously, you can add one more raw in “config” sheet.

2. Set up the App Script in google sheet

Click the “Extensions” > “App Script” and add the code below.
Step 1 – Replace your email in line 26.
Step 2 (option) – adjust the range if you want to monitor more webste in line 35.
Step 3 – add your websites title in line 51.

You can see the flow chart below, the system will send email when the sever start crash (case 1) and restore (case 2).

3. Set up the Schedule

Edit the Trigger. We choose every 5 minutes to trigger one time. You can adjust to one minute or one hour here.

After you set up the trigger, you can see the logs in “log” sheet.

4. Set up the Google Looker Studio

Copy the looker studio here, and follow the below step to append your google sheet data.

Congratulations! You did it!

Thanks for your reading. I hope this article will help you build up your blog monitor.

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